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Types of Signs for Your Business: How to Choose the Right Way

As a small business or local store owner, your success relies partially on foot traffic. You want the exterior of your location to be inviting for any potential customers, and you want to make it easy for them to find you. That’s why a business sign is so important; without one, you’ll never stand out.

Not all signs will work for all businesses though. There are many different types of signs to consider, and you want to find the one that will accomplish your company’s specific goals.

You need to consider lettering, colour scheme, and even installation. Your sign will be the first impression a customer has of your business, and you want to keep that in mind when choosing a style.

Below, we’re reviewing types of signs that are available for businesses. Read on to learn more, so you can be well-informed when picking between building signage types.

1. An Awning Sign

A canvas awning has a very distinctive and recognizable look, which is why it could be a good option as a business sign. Typically, awnings only display the name of your business without any additional information about your products, services, hours of operation, etc.

If you really want your name to be noticeable and become well-known in your neighbourhood, an awning could be a good option for your outdoor business sign.

Before choosing an awning, you should consider the look and feel of the block where your business is located. Will an awning contrast with the buildings around you?

You want to stand out, but you want to make sure it’s in a way customers will appreciate.

2. Sidewalk or Lawn Signs

Framed signs–like sidewalk signs or lawn signs–are a great way to grab a potential customer’s attention from a distance. They’ll notice your sign as they are approaching, and by the time they’ve reached your front door, they’ll be ready to stop and read.

Of all the building ageing types, this gives you the most space for information. In addition to your business’s name, you can also communicate other messages, like your products, prices, or special deals.

Just make sure that you have enough space in front of your building for this kind of sign to work. You don’t want the space to feel crowded, and you want to make sure people have enough room to get to your front door.

3. Flag Signs

Whether or not a flag sign will work for you depends on the personality of your business. People have strong associations with flags and may expect to have a more friendly or casual experience with businesses who opt for a flag sign.

If you’re a retail store or other business that prides itself on delivering the best customer service, a flag sign could be a good option.

Want to Explore More Types of Signs?

You want your potential customers to form the right idea about your business before they ever walk through the door. Your sign can start them off on the right foot, which is why it’s so important for small businesses to choose the right one.To learn more about the types of signs available to you, please contact us at any time.

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