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Signage 101: Wall Decals vs. Vinyl Lettering

What do you see when you are looking at a blank wall? Do you also see a canvas waiting to be decorated? The common thing to do is get out the messy paint or wallpaper and go as creative as you can with that blank wall! Why don’t you give vinyl letters or custom wall decals a try for a change? Know that decorating your walls in your business, home or office can actually be a pain-and-mess-free process!



Vinyl lettering is done by cutting a letter individually from a sheet of coloured vinyl material that has a highly adhesive backing. Unlike most decals and signs, the colour of vinyl lettering is not printed onto the material. Instead, rolls and rolls of different materials are manufactured in different shades of solid colours. Due to these solid coloured materials, the letters are limited to a single colour – without multiple colours or any gradients on a single letter. The individual lettering is what allows for customizable placement of letters on a blank wall.


Creative Uses

Using vinyl lettering to display important information or announcements in prominent locations in your home or office is a great way to get your messages across. You can also decorate reception areas, lobbies, and offices with directories or slogans that can be easily seen. The vinyl adhesive will allow for placement throughout the whole building on various surfaces such as plastics, glass, smooth wood, and other non-porous surfaces!



Wall decals that have been well-placed add life and prominence to any room – be it in your home or office! Wall decals are excellent repositionable decorations that are great for displaying images, creating areas of colours on walls, and promoting logos. Wall decals are versatile in terms of design, shapes and sizes – making your design options limitless!


Creative Uses

If you are looking for the perfect way to advertise a product or a sale for your business, a wall decal can help make a more visually appealing advertisement that is sure to attract customers. It can also be used in board rooms, offices, conference rooms, as well as for directional purposes, menus, and temporary or seasonal offers, among others. Repositionable wall decorations are also awesome for decorating children’s rooms – especially when you are following a theme (sports, fairy tales, dinosaurs, etc.).


Both vinyl lettering and wall decals can transform any room into a more vibrant and unique one! If you are still unsure of which product will work best for you and your needs, feel free to contact us today!

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