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Locates: Are they Really Necessary?

Corporate Signs have been in the industry for almost 30 years and in those years, we have removed many of our competitors’ signs. As we have completed these ground sign removals, we witnessed how dangerously close these companies’ have come to hitting vital underground infrastructure, some directly over critical gas lines.

Ontario One Call

In 1998, “Ontario One Call” was established. This would notify infrastructure members or owners of excavation requests. Whenever a sign is to be installed in the ground, it is important to call first before digging. In 2012, this process was legislated to make mandatory all infrastructure utilities to be members and all residents and excavators must adhere to this law. “CALL BEFORE YOU DIG”

Prior to the establishment of Ontario One Call, however, Corporate Signs had hit our share of bell cables and gas lines. In terms of liability from a regulatory point of view, the amount can be quite huge – up to $1,000,000 under some legislation for a corporation. One should also consider the liability for property damage, loss of business, and loss of life (the worst case for a natural gas explosion).

The Risks of Not Having Locates

In the world of real estate, it is quite easy to ignore the locate requirement for a sign, just like many other sign companies do. In commercial real estate, most specifically, these signs are installed near roadsides in commercial and industrial zoned areas. These areas tend to have the highest concentration of underground infrastructure.

While it is possible to install a sign, which many of our competitors would consider to be minimally intrusive without hitting any infrastructure, they are still breaking the law. This creates a higher degree of risk without completed locates. Infrastructures may look harmless, but it can definitely be deadly especially if a person accidentally comes into contact with one.

What We Can Do for You

Here at Corporate Signs, we strongly believe that installing a sign without properly completing the “locate” is not worth the risk. For the safety of everyone – property owners, tenants, your company or business, and the owners of the infrastructure – it is important to have your sign company show you proof of the “completed locate”.

This service is provided by the owners of the infrastructure and operated by Ontario One Call and designated locating contractors that operate in the Province of Ontario. We here at Corporate Signs charges a small administration fee to provide you the peace of mind just knowing that our installers will have the required and completed “LOCATE” clearance paperwork every time they install a sign on your behalf.

We have an example in the “locates” section of our website that you can look at for you to compare it to – don’t forget to check it out!

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