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Event Signage: What You Need to Know

We’ve all seen event signage that blows us away. We’ve also all seen bland event signage that is entirely boring – lacking in both substance and originality.

What is it about convincing event signage that really works? Are there design and content principles that can be learned and repeated so that every event sign you make will produce the same feeling of excitement and assurance for attendees?

There sure are. Here is a quick guide for what you need to know about making utterly irresistible (while still informative) signage for your events. Consider these tidbits of knowledge the universal maxims of event signage. They are applicable to every industry and every type of business – including yours.

Don’t Neglect A Sign

Sure you might think it’s obvious where the bathrooms are in the conference room you’ve rented. That’s fine – but it does not mean you should skip out on putting signage throughout the space to remind attendees. Here are the absolute must-have signs for any event you want to throw:

  • A Welcome Sign
  • Restrooms
  • Room Designation Signs
  • Social Sharing Handles
  • Direction to the Info Desk
  • An Exit Sign

Of course, if your event is large, it might require more signage. The rule of thumb here is to include signage for every single location-specific feature of your event, and to make clearly visible directional signage to help people find their way around.

Find Creative Ways to Share Info

What does bland signage look like? A bunch of white paper with simple text and some hand-drawn arrows for direction. Not great. Not exciting. It makes it feel like you’re off to write an exam in high school.

The fun part of event signage is finding creative ways to share information that is specific to your site. Ideas should be plentiful in this regard, and being bold is definitely recommended. If the event is outside, you can use the natural environment to post signage. For example, if you’re hosting a wedding in the countryside you can use a wooden fence to post your info. Or if your event is on multiple floors, you can turn the staircase banisters into info hubs.


If you throw a lot of events every year, you want to be sure to get your design and content spot-on. Otherwise, you risk turning potential customers away simply because they were not inspired by your design decisions. This, in a nutshell, is why you should not go cheap on event signage. Your brand encompasses every single piece of content you put out into the world, including signage for a one-time event. Don’t miss an opportunity to represent your brand to new or existing customers! Contact us and let us help your brand stand out.

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