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Real Estate Ground Signs and LOCATES, The Law

Before doing any digging, it is extremely important for people take the time to learn more about the current underground infrastructure in the area. By doing this, homeowners and business owners can safely dig minimizing the risk of hitting any expensive or dangerous equipment.  

In the province of Ontario, the government understands how important this is. That is why they have created several laws that require homeowners and business owners to request what is called a “LOCATE ticket” before the ground is pierced with a “METPOST” or “T-bar,” it is crucial the homeowners and business owners obtain a LOCATE ticket from Ontario1CALL.

Understanding the serious consequences and penalties for ignoring these laws is not an excuse after the damage has been done.

LOCATES Are Needed Before Any Digging Is Done

Homeowners but especially business owners that don’t get a LOCATE are at risk of damaging the underground infrastructure. A bit of bad luck and your sign installer could easily damage a hydro line, electric line or a number of other things.

By doing this, people can potentially get hurt and expensive repairs may be required to fix it. Most people have seen the damage a natural gas explosion causes. Lesser known is that damage to fibre optic cable could potentially put a doctor’s office out of business impacting patient health care. Business owners that don’t have a LOCATE are responsible for this damage and lawsuits that may follow.

The Infrastructure Owners and their Agents appear on a bonafide Ontario One Call Ticket. ( See our blog on Locates for more details.)

It is not enough to phone into Ontario1CALL for a LOCATE ticket. Ontario1CALL needs time to dispatch the infrastructure owners and their agents review your request and to mark the ground. A sign company is required to have the approved  LOCATE paperwork in the trucks before they install the sign.

Owners of infrastructure and their locating agents (could be a dozen or more in a commercial urban area) are responsible for flagging or painting the surface of the ground above their infrastructure.

The provincial laws have been enacted to protect expensive infrastructure, prevent injuries and potential legal issues. Without exception all contractors like sign installation companies need obtain a LOCATE ticket from Ontario1CALL before digging or even pounding a post into the ground.

If underground property like gas, electrical, or telecom lines are damaged and there aren’t locates, the sign installation company can be held responsible for the incurred property damage or injury in the case of gas or electrical.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about the laws about real estate ground signs and locates, don’t be afraid to get in contact with the pros atCorporate Signs.

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