Signages for Pickering Businesses


Customers respond to good visuals. That is a fact.

That’s why if you want to attract customers you need to have that eye-catching element that will make them want to pause, and hopefully, step inside your store and make a purchase. Good signages lend businesses that visual element they need. Without a good sign outside your business, people will just pass by every day not knowing that you offer services or products that can benefit them!

You need attractive signages that will make a good impression on your prospective customers – and Corporate Signs can provide your Pickering business with that and more.

What Can We Provide You?

Digital Printed and Vinyl Signs and Stickers

Bring life to bare spaces in your business using digital printed and vinyl signs or stickers. You can have your logo or any message you want your prospective customers to know like ongoing sales or upcoming promos. Our stickers adhere to most surfaces with ease and they don’t leave marks when you remove them. You can choose from clear vinyl stickers which can be mounted from the inside or stickers printed on opaque vinyl or perforated vinyl with gloss lamination which are perfect for applying and viewing from the outside.

Real Estate Signs

Real estate signs are one of the oldest but most effective marketing tools in the industry. They are a really cost-effective way to advertise a property that is up for sale and let people know that you are the person to contact if they are interested. You can also make use of these signs to direct buyers to events like house showings.The signs can be in single posts or H-frames and the design can be customized according to your needs.

Installation and Locates

Many business owners trust Corporate Signs to provide them with the best signages in Pickering. But there is another reason – the reliable services that we always deliver. We offer complete services so our clients will not have to worry about anything. We make the signs, install them, store signages upon request, handle maintenance, and remove them if needed. Every step is done with care. We also make sure that our experienced installers only start their job when we get the necessary “LOCATE” clearance documents. Other sign makers might forgo this, but we at Corporate Signs believe that provincial regulations should be followed at all times to avoid accidental damages.

Reliable and Complete Services

Do not let prospective customers pass by your business without noticing you. Get the best signage for your Pickering business today and see the difference a great sign make!