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3 Types of Real Estate Sign Window Graphics

When it comes to window sign graphics, there is a long list of amazing benefits. Window sign graphics are a great marketing tool that make a business more visible to passersby. If designed and applied properly, these amazing tools can make a business’ exterior look outstanding.

This is why these amazing marketing tools are exceptionally useful in the real estate industry. They can be used to attract a larger quantity of potential buyers. Any real estate agent who is thinking about purchasing a sign window graphic should learn about each of the different materials they are made out of. Generally, sign window graphics are made out of paper, perforated vinyl or opaque vinyl. All of these materials have their own sets of benefits.


Paper sign window graphics are a great choice for real estate agents that are looking to get attention. They are very eye-catching and are a fairly affordable choice. One of the major upsides to paper sign window graphics is that they can withstand cold temperatures. By placing them inside, a paper sign window graphic can last for months or even years if well maintained.

Perforated Vinyl

Another popular option for sign window graphics is perforated vinyl. This is another eye-catching material that is perfect for real estate agents looking for that extra “something”. These signs are like large stickers. Once they are delivered, the real estate agent installs the perforated vinyl sign window graphic.

These can installed on both the inside and outside of the window. However, before installing a perforated vinyl sign window graphic, the real estate agent should check the temperature. If it is not 10+ degrees, then the real estate agent should hold off.

Opaque Vinyl

Opaque vinyl shares a number of the same benefits as perforated vinyl. It stands out and is fairly easy to install. Like perforated vinyl, the real estate agent should wait until the temperature is 10+ degrees.

If the windows of the building are not tinted, the real estate agent should some paper to the interior of the window. This will help it stand out even more and help keep the opaque vinyl window sign graphic warm.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about the different types of real estate sign window graphics, be sure to get in contact with Corporate Signs.

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