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3 Questions to Ask When Purchasing an Outdoor Sign

There is no denying that outdoor advertising, like signs, can be effective and influential. Many businesses will utilize signs when they are trying to spread the word about a sale or share new information. However, even though outdoor signs are effective, business owners should blindly purchase one.

They need to do the proper amount of research before spending their hard-earned money. Before contacting an outdoor sign manufacturer, business owners should create a list of questions that they want to ask. Business owners that don’t have the time to create a full list should ask some of these hard-hitting questions.

What Materials Do You Use?

Many outdoor signs, like A-frame signs, can be made out of a number of different materials. These materials range in both cost and quality. Before making a purchase, business owners need to ask the sign manufacturer about the different materials they use. If the manufacturer only works with cheap, low-grade materials, it may be best to check out another option.

How Much Experience Do You Have?

When searching for an outdoor sign manufacturer, business owners should look for one with experience. This will increase the chances of them providing a quality product and service. Businesses owners need to ask the manufacturer how much experience they have. Although they make look good on paper, it may be risky to go with a sign manufacturer that has only been in business for six months.

Do You Have Examples of Your Past Work?

A business owner should never purchase a sign before seeing an example of the manufacturer’s work. If possible, take a trip to the manufacturer’s warehouse to see some examples in person. If this isn’t an option, ask for the manufacturer to send pictures or videos of some of their past work. This will give the business owner a better idea of the quality that the manufacturer can provide.

There is no such thing as a ad question, especially during the outdoor sign purchasing process. Before committing to a product, business owners need to prepare some questions. Although these questions will range from list to list, business owners should ask questions like “ what materials do you use?” and “how much experience do you have?” for the best results.

The get more information on the different questions one should ask when purchasing an outdoor sign, feel free to get in contact with the signage pros at Corporate Signs.

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